Who we are

I'm an interior, exterior painting company owner who is hands on and passionate about what I do. The services my family and I provide our customers are the same services I would expect inviting any professional tradesman into my home, business or new construction site.

We know that every job site is different, with different things to overcome. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our customers first and foremost! No request is too big or too small.. And almost no distance is too far! Blackstone Painting & Services is based out of Everett, PA but we are willing to travel anywhere for the right budget to complete your project.

Our vision

Free estimates, volume recognition, flexible scheduling, flexible budgets, flexible payment schedule, material options, value added service, touch up etc.. All things we strive to provide at Blackstone Paining & Services. Even if you chose to not go with us, I am willing to share any knowledge I can pass on to make your project go as smoothly as possible!

I care about your project as if it were my very own. I want you to have a finished product that you're not only satisfied with, but is going to give you a proper adhesion/bond that will last the life of your product choices warranty.

There's a lot of good competition out there and I promise to be as competitive as possible! I look forward to hearing from you about your project(s). Thank you for visiting Blackstone Painting & Services!

-Daniel Blackstone

Our areas of expertise

Exterior paint

interior paint


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